Acne scars, fine lines, photo-aging, enlarged pores – if you are plagued by any of these conditions, microdermabrasion may be for you.  Continue reading to learn more about this amazing procedure and to see if you might be a good candidate.

Microdermabrasion literally means, “small skin abrasion.”  The prefix micro means very small (granules), derm = skin, and abrasion represents the exfoliation.    While this may sound unpleasant, microdermabrasion is actually a very comfortable procedure and is considered “non-invasive.”  Meaning, it is not surgical and no anesthesia is required.  In fact, just like with a typical facial, microdermabrasion can be performed during your lunch hour, or any time you have about an hour to spare.

At the Spa at Bell House, we use a DermaPod system.  A controlled stream of natural mineral crystals gradually erases flaws and blemishes by removing the upper layers of the epidermis.  By removing this top layer, you reveal a healthier, better looking layer of skin.  Removing these dead cells also promotes new skin cell growth.  In addition, pores are refined, uneven pigmentation is reduced, and texture is smoothed.

Depending on your skin’s needs, you may choose to have a series of treatments.  Clients who have specific skin concerns, such as scarring or fine lines, may benefit from a series of treatments every 10-14 days for approximately 8-10 sessions.  This is considered corrective.  If you are using microdermabrasion as a corrective procedure, once you have reached the desired results, you may wish to continue on with maintenance visits.  If you are looking to simply sustain your skin’s appearance, less frequent visits may be the choice for you.  In this case, you would see your esthetician once a month to once every other month.  These types of treatments are considered maintenance or preventative.

The following is a list of some anticipated results you may experience from microdermabrasion:
* reduction of acne scars
* decrease in the appearance of wrinkles
* significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines, such as on the forehead and the beginning of crow’s feet
* diminution of hyperpigmentation, however, a combination of microdermabrasion and a peel may be needed
– SPF is a must afterward!!!
* enlarged pores can be reduced as congestion (blackheads…) is removed from the skin
* smoother skin
* improvement of overall skin tone

Microdermabrasion is not for everyone, however.  As with any procedure, there are always contraindications.  Some include:
* active rosacea
* widespread acne
* eczema
* psoriasis
* lupus
* diabetes
Check with one of our estheticians if you have a condition not listed above and are uncertain if you have a contraindication.

Finally, side effects are a possibility following a microdermabrasion treatment.  Generally, side effects are mild and usually subside within 24-48 hours.  Due to vacuum suction and slight pressure applied to the skin, you may experience any of the following:
* redness
* irritation
* swelling
* dry skin
* lines or “tiger stripes”
* skin sensitivity
* photosensitivity

If you’re still unsure whether microdermabrasion is for you, please contact us for more information.



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