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Spa at Bell House offers massages, manicures and pedicures, body polishes and wraps, facials, peels, feet treatments, waxing, brow tinting and spa packages. Love frequent spa visits? Check out our Wellness Program.


Spa at Bell House Massage: This special experience is a fragrant delight for the body, mind and soul. Beginning with a gentle dry brushing, your nerves are quieted and your skin is refreshed and prepared for a full hour of Swedish Massage. Warm Basalt stones soften tight muscles and melt away stress. Our Spa at Bell House essential oil blend nourishes the body while encouraging balance and comfort.
$130 / 75 minutes

Swedish Massage: Using traditional techniques, this relaxing massage improves circulation, rejuvenates tired muscles, increases flexibility, improves metabolism and relieves tension.
$50 / 30 minutes    $85 / 60 minutes    $110 / 90 minutes

Chair Massage: $35 / 20 minutes

Hot Stone Massage: Deep penetrating heat from basalt stones, heals and revitalizes the body. Stones are used along with soft, gliding strokes to release muscle tension, improve circulation and joint mobility.
$125 / 90

Deep Tissue: The full body massage focuses on the release of stubborn knots and chronic tension a definite yes for those who prefer firm pressure.
$75 / 30 minutes    $100 / 60 minutes    $125 / 90 minutes

Couples Massage: Enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage, side by side in our beautiful couple’s suite. You and your companion will unwind beside your own private fireplace.
$175 / 60 minutes

Add hot stones to any treatment for $20

Spa Manicures and Pedicures

Spa at Bell House Manicure: This aromatic and therapeutic journey begins with your choice of specialty soaking salts designed to relax, uplift and inspire you. Our signature standards for manicure are enhanced with scrubs, hydrating masque and soothing massage.
$35 / 60 minutes

Spa at Bell House Hand Facial: For mature hands, this multi-step beautifying and skin renewing treatment restores the hands’ elasticity and suppleness, it reestablishes softness and vibrancy, especially to aging skin. Developed to simultaneously stimulate, exfoliate and nourish multiple layers, this facial is results-oriented and aromatic. Yes, this is for your hands!
$50 / 60 minutes

Spa at Bell House Pedicure: The ultimate pedicure for the luxury spa experience. This service features products that are eco-friendly, vegan and wild-crafted. Our signature standards for pedicure are enhanced with scrubs, hydrating masque and soothing massage.
$45 / 60 minutes

Gel Nails: An odorless and natural looking artificial enhancement used to extend the length and beauty of natural nails. This treatment is followed by a relaxing hand massage.
Full Set: $60 / 60 minutes    Fill In: $35 / 60 minutes    Removal: $35 / 60 minutes

Buff and Polish: For the folks on the go who need to have a quality manicure with limited time!
$25 / 30 minutes

Add hot stones or paraffin to any treatment for $20
Add French Manicure for $5

Body Polishes and Wraps

Body Polish: To begin this invigorating treatment, a creamy, granular body scrub is applied all over the body to gently exfoliate. Next, a body moisturizer is massaged into the skin to hydrate and renew elasticity with a blend of organic plant extracts and vitamins. For a pleasant finish, a burst of aromatic spritzer is applied.
$110 / 60 minutes

Mud Wrap: With its focus on restoring the skin, this wrap begins with a brief exfoliation and then one of our mud wraps are applied to the entire body. You are then wrapped in a blankey to seal in the warmth. This wonderful wrap improves circulation and draws our impurities without dehydrating.
$120 / 90 minutes

Parafango Wrap: This treatment begins with a creamfoliant which increases circulation and is followed by exfoliation. You are then massage with a serum, a layer of Parafango – a mix of mud from the sea and paraffin – then covered in a cocoon where the rich paraffin and mud detoxify and air in the reduction of cellulite deposits which equates to inches lost while softening the skin. The benefits are threefold: You will be relax and hydrated, experience a nourished detoxification of your body, and realize an improvement of your circulation and the firming of your skin tone.
$120 / 90 minutes first treatment
Series of three treatments $320

Signature Facials

Spa at Bell House Facial: The creme de la creme of facials. Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic facial customized to your skin type. Cleansing, toning, exfoliating and hydrating, with masque and serum for deep therapy. This balancing facial also softens and plumps your lips and brightens and tightens the eye area. Your face will look and feel fabulous.
$120 / 90 minutes

Classic European Facial: This enhanced European facial is a unique of European techniques and luxurious specialized products. The skin is deeply cleansed and gently exfoliated, followed by a soothing massage of the face, neck and decollete. A customized masque is applied and allowed to fully absorb while you quietly relax. This service will leave you completely refreshed.
$75 / 60 minutes

Anti-Aging Facial: The beautifying and skin renewing facial, restores the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. It reestablishes softness and vibrancy, especially to skin that is aging. This treatment is specifically designed to help your skin and regenerate new skin cells. Using the all natural Eminence Organic Skin Care line to nourish multiple layers of your skin, this facial is results-oriented and aromatic, giving you that all natural youthful appearance.
$85 / 60 minutes

Rosacea Cooling Facial: Using the all-natural Eminence Organic Rose line of products the face is thoroughly cleansed followed by a gentle steaming and a natural peel to exfoliate. Application of a sensitive skin serum, a calming masque and finally a cooling facial stone massage makes this pampering treatment complete.
$85 / 90 minutes

Teen Facial: This relaxing treatment promotes early habits for skin care and hygiene. The specialized facial starts with a thorough skin analysis, then a deep-cleansing and balancing, followed by a peel and gentle steaming. Extractions are performed as needed, an a sensitive skin enzyme masque is applied. Your service finishes with a dewy moisturizing cream.

Gentleman’s Facial: Using the all-natural Eminence Organic Stone Crop line of products, this facial is designed for men and their special skin needs. Providing deep pore cleansing and toning to restore fitness and vitality. This facial begins with a relaxing exfoliation, followed by a steam treatment and a cooling masque and finished with a hydrating moisturizer.
$65 / 60 minutes

Purifying Back Facial: This treatment will help with backs that are prone to breakouts, dry or just hard-to-reach. Gentle cleansing, steam and exfoliating will help eliminate impurities. After the treatment, you will enjoy a relaxing back massage using a moisturizer that is specifically chosen for your skin type from one of our all-natural Eminence Organic products.
$75 / 60 minutes

Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion can be used to treat many skin conditions such as sun damage, age spots, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged or oily pores, leaving your complexion fresh, vibrant and exceptionally smooth. For best results, we recommend a series of six to 12 treatments. This number of consecutive treatments is necessary to achieve a complete turnover in your skin.
$95 per treatment / 60 minutes
Series of 6 treatments, $470


Glycolic Soothing Peel: This intensive treatment is designed to rapidly exfoliate skin cells in order to clarify the complexion. First the skin is cleansed and toned. Second a glycolic peel is applied to the face followed by a balancing masque. After removal of the masque, the skin is pampered with a calming balm. The treatment finished with an application of healing lotion and a light massage of sun protection.
$85 / 60 minutes

Dermal Flash Peel: The face is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated by a deep heating peel, and firmed with a lift masque. After the masque is removed, a potent recovery serum with botanical extracts is massaged into the skin. The treatment finished with a moisturizing product that leaves the skin feeling noticeably youthful and balanced.
$95 / 60 minutes

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel: Natural pumpkin offers more than 100 nutrients and contains natural acids and antioxidants. This treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and toning. Then, a masque of pure whipped pumpkin is applied and allowed to penetrate the skin. Once the masque is removed, the treatment finished with an application of deep moisturizers leaving the face firm and toned.
$95 / 60 minutes

Foot Reflexology/Detox/Sauna

Foot Reflexology: Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet and hands to help restore balance and natural energy flow to the organs of the body.
$75 / 60 minutes

Detox: The Detox system is a unique therapy based on a the research of Dr. Royal Rife. During the 30 minute session, the system creates millions of ions that enter your body through the feet and begin to neutralize tissue acid wasters. This enables the body to rebalance its natural electrical energy system.
$40 / 30 minutes
Series of four treatments: $99

Sauna: This treatment begins with a sensory journey of choosing an essential oil of your choice to relax your body, mind and spirit. These treatments consist of 30 minutes in the sauna followed by a steam shower. The finished touch for your relaxation is a warm cup of herbal tea.
$35 / 30 minutes


Brows: $10 / Tweeze    $15 / Touch-up    $20 / Arch
Lip/Chin/Cheek $15 / each area
Bikini Line: $35
Underarm: $25
Half Arm: $20
Full Arm: $45
Half Leg: $30
Full Leg: $55
Back: $50
Lash Tinting: $25
Brows Tinting: $20
Makeup Application: $60 / 60 minutes
Makeup Lesson: $45 / 60 minutes
Teen Makeup Application: $50 / 60 minutes
Teen Makeup Lesson: $40 / 60 minutes


Spa at Bell House Signature Package: Begin this journey with a Spa at Bell House Facial and Massage followed by the Spa at Bell House Manicure and Pedicure. Allow our makeup artist to help you look and feel your best. You will enjoy a light lunch between your services.
$320 / Six hours (minimum)

Ladies Day Out: This treatment begins with a 15 minute sauna followed by a soothing body polish. The next step is to apply one of our mud applications to the entire body, wrap in a warm cocoon. The treatment completes with a facial, manicure and pedicure. You will enjoy a light meal between your services.
$299 / Five Hours (minimum)

Teen Package: Pamper your teenager with a Teen Facial, eyebrow arch, makeup lesson with application all while educating her on the importance of skincare. The benefit will live with her forever in her beautiful and radiant skin!
$110 / 2.5 hours

Couples Package: As you and your companion enjoy the ambiance of our Couples Suite, you will enjoy an hour of Swedish Massage and pedicures, side-by-side.

Bridal Package: Contact our event planner to help you put together the bridal package that best suits your needs.

Group and Party Accommodations: A private party at Spa at Bell House is a perfect way to unwind and live it up in grand style. Contact us at 919-542-3000 to arrange a special day tailored to your special needs. Please allow four to six weeks for special requests.

Thank you for selecting Spa at Bell House. Our staff is committed to serving you and will continually strive to surpass your expectations with the finest service and products. We look forward to your visit.